If your looking for a holiday on a budget then there’s no better way to escape to the great outdoors than on a camping adventure. The first camping trip is always the most expensive due to having to buy all the camping equipment but there after you can look forward to a relatively inexpensive holiday, you will just be looking at your transport, food, camping permit etc.. So lets have a look at a few ways to help keep the costs down without reducing your enjoyment. Car Size If you are looking at buying a car or thinking of having a change then why not give some thought to going for a more economical vehicle as the savings when travelling on holiday can be quite considerable and the savings you make the rest of the year in some cases can even pay for the holiday. When looking at a smaller car please give some thought to space that you will have when it comes to loading up with camping gear although having a smaller car can also save you money by restricting the amount of camping gear you can buy so you must give this some careful thought. If you are looking at going abroad, France for example then have a look at putting your car on a train which could save hassle and money but prices fluctuate so have a look at different times of the year, you will usually save money if you book well in advance. Look out for a Bargain Its always a good idea to sign up to email lists for camping shops to keep up to date with the latest bargains, also companies like Groupon have discounts so down load the apps. Compare camping pitch fees  Its always a good idea to compare site fees when you are planning a holiday, also compare the facilities that are available as you might find a really cheap site but when you arrive you find out to your dismay that there are minimal facilities. Its a food idea to join one of the camping clubs for example the Camping and Caravanning Club is £39 for a 12 months subscription for which you receive all the membership offers and reduced camping fees on over 3000 sites so well worth joining as you will probably recover your membership on your first holiday. The weather is important Unfortunately we cant control the weather and if the weather is bad we tend to spend more money and blow the budget by visiting pubs, restaurants or the more costly indoor attractions. Try and plan for the possibility of bad weather by looking on-line in the area that your visiting and make a list of all the indoor activities so you can make an informed decision on what to do to keep out of the rain and with a bit of luck the sun will shine and you can go for long walks or spend time on the beach which are inexpensive pastimes. Kids Clothing Give some thought to the sizes when buying outdoor clothes for the kids, its always better to buy over sized clothes as they will be grown out of fast. the same goes for kids chairs and tables although you can always sell these things when they have been outgrown one of the free ad sites like Ezeebids Find a Bargain? A great place to find a bargain weather its clothes boots or any aspect of camping gear is a store called Outwell, i have used them many times over the years and so far have never been disappointed with the quality or price. Its always better to go for quality whenever possible as its better to buy once rather than continuing to replace camping equipment that is inferior, but also keep price in mind as there are times when you are paying a premium for the name when an un-named brand will do just as well with a considerable saving. Ditch the Batteries Rather than continually buying batteries for your lights why not go wind-up, in the long run it will save you money and on those long dark night when the batteries would have gone and you have run out of spare batteries, no problem as a couple of winds and the lights are on. Try not to eat out as much Buy a cool-box so you can pre cook some of your food as you know all the cheapest places to buy groceries around where you live and may not know the area where you are going for your holiday, even if it covers a few meals you will save money in comparison to buying out, add a couple of bottles of wine…. happy days Time your travelling Don’t waste money on an expensive sat-nav simply use an app on your phone which should also give you route planning if there are any hold ups on the way which in turn will save time and fuel. Just a few Tips
  • Hot water bottles can be a blessing on those cold nights.
  • Layer up with your clothing and use your own body heating system to keep you warm rather than paying to heat your tent.
  • If you have a problem with your tent i.e. a small tear of the fabric or a problem with the waterproofing why not go for a repair rather than a replacement most camping shops will be able to put you in touch with a reputable tent repair company or have a look on-line.
  • Try and be as minimalistic as possible when it comes to camping gear as its all to carry and assemble…… do you need so much stuff.
  • Be carful when using an electric hook up as they will trip out if you go too far, another option is an inverter that will run off a car battery connected to a solar panel which gives you free electric.