Many people can find buying and selling new and used goods online so here at we have put together a brief help guide to get you started and help keep you safe.

As styles change and times move on we often find ourselves with unwanted clothes, furniture, toys and the list goes on so we are happy to offer you a free service to showcase all your unwanted articles and give buyers an online shop window.

Don’t Over Bid

When bidding for second hand or new goods, firstly decide what you feel you can reasonably afford to pay to acquire it and stick to that price as it’s easy to get carried away and enter a bidding war.

It’s better to let something go than pay too much, there will always be more opportunities to find what you are looking for at a reasonable price.

Size It Up

Don’t make the mistake of buying something that you fall in love with and forgetting to check that it will fit whether it’s a dress, mirror or a bookcase double check that it fits.

Top Quality

When looking through the images of products have a zoom and try and check the quality, if you are going for solid wood furniture you are fairly safe but remember that the more modern furniture is sometimes not made to last.

If it’s a big piece of furniture you are looking at it may need striping down and re assembling which can have its problems so just remember to keep your eye out for quality products.

Check the Condition

Remember when you are buying second hand the condition will vary, so ask what condition it’s in, look closely at the pictures to see if there are any obvious issues.

Many items are priced low due to them needing work or repair so there are times to get the real bargains you may have to work a little for them.

Fire and Safety Labels

Double check when buying furniture and soft furnishings that they comply with all fire and safety regulations and if they don’t then refuse to purchase.

View the Goods First

It’s always better if you can view first rather than buying blind although this is not always possible Consider using PayPal when purchasing goods rather than taking large amounts of cash when visiting a stranger and try not to go alone, which is not advisable.

Transporting your Purchase

Remember when you buy your favourite piece of furniture you have now got to get it home so check the dimensions so it will fit in your vehicle and if not, check if they can deliver or arrange transport through a courier like AnyVan or use a local van and man service but double check the amount they are charging and get it in writing

Leaving a Review

It’s always important to leave a true honest review so that the next person to buy from them knows they can be trusted the or not as the case may be.

This also encourages the seller to try and keep the buyer happy and give them good service.