When writing a description try and imagine what you would want to know if you were buying the item you are selling. Try and stay away from one liners and describe the item you are selling in detail.

You can use as many words as needed but don’t go to the extreme as most people don’t want to read war and peace they will just skip past or fall asleep.

When thinking of the right title to use try and describe the product as precisely as you can in just a few words, try and
include any words that you feel the buyer may search for, if you are selling a car then include the make model and 
year, for example
1961 Ford Consul Capri Low Mileage One Owner From New

To help describe your advert properly try and include the following

Age: An important factor when someone is looking for a vehicle is the age, so always try and include when possible although the age is not as important when selling a jumper or vase but if you have not had it long you could describe it as almost new.

SizeAlways include the size of a piece of furniture, clothing or cycles as it saves the buyer from having to ask the question and it means you don’t have to keep answering the same question again and again.

When selling shoes state the country that relates to the size Spain size 42, UK size 8

Condition: When listing your item try and be honest regarding the condition, if its damaged or has a part missing them include this in the description so the buyer can make an informed decision plus if your buyer has travelled to collect and the condition is not what you have advertised they are not going to be happy and your reviews are going to suffer then new buyers are not going to trust you.

Keywords: Try and include any words that describe your item in the body text of your advert if you didn’t manage to include them in to the title, this will help when buyers are searching for the item you have advertised.

Reason for Sale: Try and include a reason for sale, if you are selling because you are moving house and don’t have room for it in the new place then tell the buyer as they are more lightly to buy if there is a genuine reason for the sale.

Features: If the product you are listing has any unique feature

s then use these to create interest as a buyer is more lightly to buy yours if it has features the other items don’t.

A Bit of History: If the item you are selling has some interesting history then make the buyer aware. If you are selling a painting then give a little info about the artist or information regarding the content of the scene if you know any. Just give as much information as you can.