We always endeavour to protect your privacy and security and as a result means that you should not receive spam and unsolicited messaged from having data stored on our systems.

important points:

  • We keep your email private and do not publish it for other users to see;
  • we only use your email to keep you up to date and inform you of offers;
  • we do not sell or share emails with other companies.

please read the information below as it will inform you how we use the personal information collected by Ezeebids

What personal data do we Hold?

All data is provided by yourself when you use our service to buy, sell or use services that may be advertised on our website, this data which could include the following:

  • information you enter when setting up your membership.
  • Adding content to the site as you start to build your adverts.
  • Information requested regarding missus that has been reported about you or from you about another member.
  • Information requested regarding transactions from or to yourself.
  • Information we gather when you contact customer service with any issue to be resolved.
  • Details we request when sending out surveys.
  • Information gathered via cookies.
  • details of how you use Ezeebids so we can improve the service.
  • messages you have sent or received that you have or have not read

Why do we store personal data?

Without the data we collect from you we would not be able to provide you with the comprehensive service that you enjoy and use to:

  • Buy and sell using our support maintaining your account
  • Receive help and assistance from our customer service team.
  • Improve and maintain the Site, and monitor its usage.
  • Use your information to improve our services.
  • Contact you to help with your advertising and to ensure that it is targeted correctly.
  • Ensure all information is safe and we use data to trace any breach you may feel you have
  • Keep up to date with all legal requirements
  • Fulfil all obligations to our members
  • To comply with our legal and regulatory obligations.

When processing personal data, we rely on the following under data protection law.

  • We rely on the data we hold to process  your payments when you upgrade to one of our packages.
  • We rely on the data to resolve any queries you bring forth which can help provide a better service.
  • We rely on the data you provide and continue to strive for a better platform to enhance your experience


Our aim here at Ezeebids is to keep our customer base happy and one of the ways we do this is to send marketing messages based on your previous activity when buying and selling on Ezeebids

If for any reason you want or do not want to receive marketing emails you can opt out/opt in by contacting customer service.

At times you may see tailored ads on third party websites which are generated using the info collected via cookies as at times we use social media companies to enhance our customers experience and show a limited amount of ads for members and users interested in our website to provide a better service. If you do not want to see these ads you can change your cookie settings in your browser

Who do we share data with?

  • Companies working with us to provide a service i.e. payment processors, delivery associates, and system providers
  • Professional legal services
  • Fraud prevention services.
  • Law enforcement and governmental authority services.
  • Sale of company
  • If we have your consent to do so.

Storage and Retention

Your data could be stored and processed outside the UK as we use world wide service providers but your legal rights of the country you reside in will always be respected.

Personal data will be kept on file for as long as we need to fulfil our legal obligation to our members, tax collecting purposes of the country of residence and in case their are any disputes regarding goods or services after the date of sale or purchase.


This Site ensures that data is encrypted when leaving the Site. This process involves the converting of information or data into a code to prevent unauthorised access. This Site follows this process and employs secure methods to ensure the protection of all credit and debit card transactions. Encryption methods such as SSL are utilised to protect customer data when in transit to and from this Site over a secure communications channel.

Whilst we do everything within our power to ensure that personal data is protected at all times from our Site, we cannot guarantee the security and integrity of the information that has been transmitted to our Site.


Children are only permitted to use Ezeebids with the authority of parents/Guardians and must be aware that the data will be stored in the same way as other members. If any Parent/Guardian disagrees with this process then do not give persons under the age of 18 access to Ezeebids.


Cookies are used in the processing of data from this site, if you do not agree with this use of your information then alter your setting in your browser or refrain from using Ezeebids

Your rights

You have the right as a user/member to keep your data up to date and make any corrections needed, you also have the right to request data deletion where necessary.

If you do not want your data used for marketing you are within your rights to opt out, contact customer services.

We are happy to comply with your requests to remove data but please be aware that in certain circumstances we will be unable to do so especially if you have upgraded and transaction have been made as we have to work in line with our legal obligation to the tax authorities etc.

We do not accept responsibility for any data collected from other websites or companies that our website may direct you to via links or wording. Other websites you have been directed to will have their own privacy policy and it is your responsibility to make yourself aware of it before using suck services.

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if you have any questions regarding our Privacy Policy, please contact us